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Love Your DoorStep is an exciting and rapidly growing on and off-line community in Enfield, plus several other areas of London.

Originally set up as a Facebook group where local people could share information about ‘what’s going on’ and ‘where to find things’ locally, it has evolved into a dynamic new website, created with the intention of allowing more and more local people to have access to all the wonderful things their borough has to offer, with a constant flow of exciting and valuable information, all in one place.

It's a place where local people can interact with each other and local business owners, sharing information on products and services, offering each other spontaneous help, support and recommendations.

What makes Love Your DoorStep so special and unique? Well, that’s the ‘real time’ aspect at which people are able to communicate. The contiguity and convenience that social media has prompted is exactly what Love Your DoorStep fulfills – that need to meet and share ideas from the comfort of your own home - and the strong sense of community that relaxed and informal communication like this naturally brings about.

Love Your DoorStep is all about raising awareness. It’s prompting us all to discuss important issues in the area we live in; it’s getting people to talk in a way they’ve never done before. It not only encourages folks to work as a team and build stronger community links and support systems, it has become the perfect platform for actually bringing together businesses and individuals with a vested interest in supporting each other through job opportunities, charitable causes, networking, business referrals and genuine recommendations. Naturally, these kind of introductions result in more business for those involved, which means money back into the local economy and a deepened sense of community spirit.

The Founder of Love Your DoorStep, Emma Rigby, New Zealand born mum of 2, shared her reasons and inspiration for developing the site:

"When I married my husband, who grew up in this area, it naturally become my home away from home and I knew that this was where we’d raise our children. Neither of us could quite believe it when the riots happened last year, right on our doorstep. I had this desperate need to re-instate some community spirit that seemed lost, due to our busy lives and damaged images that the riots had induced.

Love Your DoorStep is all about bringing the community together. Local events and networking have never been so well supported and attended because now people are starting to communicate and feel part of something again. Information is for sharing and Love Your DoorStep is all about that.”



Photos by Katrina Campbell

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