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I have been a member business of Love your doorstep for just over a year now. Being a one man business the Platform has been extremely useful for me in a time where the DJ business has been difficult. Love Your Doorstep has directly & indirectly accounted for around 40% of my weekend business in that 1st year. It obviously depends on your business as to the success you obtain from LYDS, BUT it is also very important that you are proactive within the Community both on & offline. The team are excellent and very approachable, a unique local organisation in many ways. Would be great to see LYDS become a National Brand. (2016)

Howie Roscoe- Dj Howie

As a fairly new member to LYDS I have been more than surprised at just how good a company this is, not only is an I redo me way to get the local community to interact it also helps local businesses especially smaller ones to gain a platform to reach people in need of services. In short I couldn't recommend them enough they are the future of community networking. (2016)

Richard Pettifer- Pettifer Plumbing & Heating

Since joining LYDS 18 months ago I have been amazed by the response. I have many new clients as a result as well as making new friends. I have also met lots of local business people that I trust and recommend. The account managers are rerally on the ball and have significantly raised my company profile. (2016)

Eli Pressman- Barnet Wills

5* review for love your doorstep. I planned my whole wedding via lyds with only 3 months notice! Also a fantastic platform to help promote my business through. Amazing on all levels (2016)

Rachel Baker- Rachy Makey Things

Love, Love, Love! What a fantastic idea bringing all the community together and giving local real recommendations! Its bringing us all closer and making us aware of how much talent and great businesses we have on our doorstep. Its helping me as a client and as a member of the community. The staff couldn't be more helpful! Keep up the good work. Love you all! (2016)

Frani Koutsoudes-

An excellent organisation bringing local businesses and local residents together; highlighting important issues and helping people find solutions to problems. (2016)

Emma Rizi - Owner Busy Minds

A fantastic site for putting your 'feelers' out and finding, employing, meeting and achieving that hard to find tradesmen, shop, service. My company is registered as a Lyds business and the girls have have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. A must for business to business and general public to business contact page. Always keeping local people up to date and informed of what's what in our local community. (2016)

Mark Mead- MM Carpentry

I have been a member of LYDS for a few months now and the team have been a great support and have helped me a lot in getting my brand name out there with heaps of friendly advice. The networking events are also fantastic and have been a great way to meet new people and businesses. 5 * from me. (2016)

Claire Hassan - Love.Live.Wear

I cant remember how I 'found' lyds but since joining I have become part of a fantastic community. We have made new contacts and friends, have gained work and have been part of some great local projects. The team are always there to support and promote our work 'Art Start' and we hope it continues to grow and be even more successful. (2016)

Debbie Dean - Art Start

Charlie Condron – Party Stars
I have been advertising on Love Your Doorstep for the last year and the experience I have had has been amazing. Party Star's is a children's party entertainment business, and since becoming a member of Love Your Doorstep my sales have gone up 300%. Love Your Doorstep have helped me launch my party business and enabled me to make it a success. It's fantastic because it's real people recommending services and products they think are great.

Emma Chapman
I own Ruby blu an independent gift shop in Enfield I have found the support from LYDS immeasurable, not only have they helped me by supporting my shop but the members have helped support me as a Mum, Friend and Business acquaintance. Emma Rigby and her team have made such a difference to how we all look at our community, where we shop, dine, etc. In the current market climate each day for us small businesses is stressful and the prospect of what is happening to our high streets is unsure, that's why the events, activities that LYDS arrange constantly to support all local people & Businesses is without doubt making a difference. Thank you so much for highlighting the work we as a community are all working hard to do everyday. (2013)

Kareen Cox – Absolutely Kareen
I've seen my business grow through being a member and have built up a fabulous reputation for creating graphic design solutions that work amazingly well. It's enabled me to get to know the people behind local businesses and to make my own personal mark within the borough of Enfield. (2013)

Nikki Kyriacou – Chase Side Motors
I love LYDS. We took over our business in September (previously rented out) and quickly realised the local awareness of our business had dropped. LYDS has helped to rectify that, as any locals needing a local business go onto LYDS and then the recommendations start coming in. It is a local site for locals. Traffic problems, burglary, new business, it is all covered on the site and all that watch it are warned, informed and share their experiences. It is a great vehicle for all that use it and Emma should be congratulated in creating a platform that gives a feeling of community spirit back to the town. Our membership has been more than worth it to put Chase Side Motors back on the map. (2015)

Carla Learoyd – Beads and Bobbins
I can't say enough good things about Love Your Doorstep. Having grown up and lived in the area all of my life, I jumped at the chance to join the Facebook group back in 2011 when I read an article about it in the local newspaper. I am quite a nosy person and loved the idea of keeping up with everything that was happening locally. It was quite a small group back then and it is so amazing to have watched it go from strength to strength, with over 7000 members and hundreds of businesses registered on it's website. I became one of those businesses just over a year ago when I registered my home based sewing business, Beads and Bobbins. I can honestly say that my orders have tripled since joining Lyds. I have also made new friends, attended craft fairs, markets, charity events and much more since joining. I now have a steady flow of regular orders and I have recently introduced sewing classes and parties for children which I love teaching. So for me, this should be a template that all local communities should try and replicate because it can only be of benefit in these hard times when small businesses are really struggling to stay afloat. (2013)

Kerry Kakoullis – Give Us a Handyman
I joined Lyds around 8 months ago I was a little unsure about joining as I didn't really know much about the group, but I thought what's the worst that can happen! Since joining my business give us a handyman has gone from strength to strength and I'm now booking work in way in advance which is a god send for the self-employed. The Lyds team are amazing and work so hard, and have crafted an amazing group something that Enfield is proud of. For give us a handyman the review system is fantastic as a great review speaks a 1000 words. As all the reviews are monitored they are trusted by all 7000 members. The flip side is that I have also made some great new friends. So all you need to know is that Lyds is amazing !!!! (2014)

Kayon Abrams – Buttercup Solutions
LYDS is such a great platform for keeping abreast of news and current events happening in the community. Also, it's a great place to find services from a pedicure to a loft extension, you name it you can find it right here in Enfield. I own a cleaning and infection control business, LYDS is bringing customers to my doorstep.

Spike Worsley – Oakwood Painting
I joined LYDS about a year ago and it has brought me several valued business enquiries and customers. I am a Dulux Select Decorator so most of my leads come via the Dulux website, but I am proud to be a paying member of the LYDS scheme as it also brings a lot of social contact and community spirit into local life. People post warnings about crime sprees, bogus door-knockers taking advantage of vulnerable people (one infamous persistent female offender finally got caught thanks to LYDS members tracking her and keeping the local police informed), find lost items and animals (and people!), and offer support via the FaceBook page forum on an enormous variety of problems. (2013)

Carey Annesley – Avon
I first discovered Love Your Doorstep when I came across the Facebook page, early in 2012. It was so refreshing to find a group that was open, friendly and informative. As a business I've found it to be a brilliant way to reach local people, it's been much more effective than any other form of advertising that I have tried. My husband has recently started his own general building business and has also joined LYDS. We like the sense of community, the way people look out for each other and the support it offers local businesses. It's not all about business though, I've seen posts asking for help of all sorts and it's heart-warming to see the genuine support that's offered. I've made friends (in the flesh, not just online) that I otherwise maybe wouldn't have. Every area would benefit from having it's own LYDS. (2014)

As a local independent department store in enfield, it is great to connect with the local customers and other local businesses.
since joining LYDS we have had loads of enquiries from the facebook group about our products and services.We have such a great social community in Enfield that I have never seen in other areas.
Emma also runs a regular business networking event so you can meet with other local businesses and connect in a way that has not been possible before, through LYDS we have run evening events instore and invited other local businesses to join us and promote their products and services, it’s all about working together and supporting each other promoting Enfield and giving great products and service to the local residents, making it fun to shop and offering a great choice of different products

Ian Turner – Pearsons

I added my business, Anthony Webb Estate Agents along with my community magazine Palmers Green LIFE to Love Your Doorstep nearly a year ago and have been very impressed with the amazing online community. I have not only promoted my business and magazine to the local community that I work in but also I have been involved in lots of discussions via various questions that have been asked on the site. Emma Rigby has worked tirelessly on the site and well done to her. You can read her monthly article in Palmers green LIFE magazine online or in print. (2014)

Tony Ourris – Anthony Webb Estate Agents

I have been with LYDS since the very beginning. I still can't believe that such a simple idea has become such a success. Emma and her team work relentlessly behind the scene and this has made such a difference to the Enfield community. I am an Acupuncturist and my business has increased substantially since I have been a member. As a customer, LYDS is my first point of call when I need something. I go by the recommendations and have never been disappointed, I have discovered new shops, wonderful markets and so many new places to eat. This platform works and every one can benefit from it. Every town in the UK should have an Emma Rigby! (2014)

Carole Mabboux - Acucarma

I joined Love Your Doorstep in July 2012, I am visually impaired, I signed up to a Challenge to Trek across the Sahara Desert in March 2013 with a sighted companion in aid of Guide Dogs. We received far more support than I ever expected. We organised a series of Charity Events leading up to the Trek with the help of many local businesses and community members that we got in touch with via the Facebook Group. We raised over £10,000 for a Guide Dogs UK charity and I successfully completed the difficult 112km Trek over 5 days in the Sahara Desert. In that time, I also signed up as a LYDS Business (a year ago now), as I am a Qualified Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist, Love Your Doorstep has been a great platform for my business and let people know about my services. Emma Rigby has been a great support, her and her team are doing amazing work in our area.

Glen Daniels – GD Osteopathy

Joining Love Your Doorstep has encouraged us to focus more on the huge benefits of using social media to really connect and engage with our community and in doing so attract new customers to our business. I would recommend and encourage other businesses to do the same. Emma and her team at LYDS work very hard and in doing so are making a real difference to the community of Enfield! (2013)

Sue Burgess – Winchmores Hair & Beauty

I'm a Maths Tutor and my husband is a gardener; both are self employed. When I decided to do my work full time, I realized I'd need a platform to advertise locally in Enfield. I've heard so much about LYDS so we signed up in Feb 2012, and it has been a brilliant experience. With a real time discussion going on their Facebook group, there's always work opportunities for myself and my husband. I think LYDS is such a brilliant discovery. Emma and her team has worked really hard and such impact can only be seen with strong motivation. And I love living in Enfield even more ever since I joined the group. I don't need to go out often or waiting for local newspaper to know what's going on in the borough. As a mother of two and a wife, I just don't have the time to socialize or to read paper. You can ask any questions at all on the group and you'll be amazed at the amount of respond you'd get. I really hope the idea like LYDS would work in every part in the country, not only in Enfield (2014)

Merlyn Wright – CM Wright Services

Kalia Costa – Beauty Therapist
I cannot praise Love Your Doorstep highly enough for the AMAZING job they have done for our community, local businesses are thriving (I am one of them) and it has brought the local community together. After being made redundant 2 years ago, it was fate stumbling across Love Your Door step in its infancy back then, and I knew then that this platform had the potential to become something special, and it has! It has been an amazing journey for all of us, and its still growing from strength to strength, month by month. I am so proud and honoured to be part of it. Thank you so much Emma Rigby for your vision and drive and making it into reality, you really are a special person. Thank you also to the wonderful LYDS team, who work so so so hard behind the scenes making the platform function at its best. Looking forward to see LYDS grow Nationally and who knows, maybe even globally?? Lets conquer the world! xx (2013)

Anne Croxford
My Usborne business has become very much more part of the local community since joining LYDs. People are passing my details on to their friends and family,I have had introductions to new schools and children's activity groups.My data base has increased and I have recruited new joiners for my Usborne team. Everybody is talking about LYDs, and it feels right to be part of it! (2013)

Dana Fisher
LYDS is beyond awesome. It's helped me grow my small business, but has also helped me to support other small businesses, and local business beats big name corporations hands down everytime - quality, service, and . (2015)

Julia Daniels – North London Credit Union
We are the local credit union, based in Enfield Town and we've been a member of LYDS for about 7 months. For us it's about getting the word out about what we can offer. As we're not-for-profit, we don't have much money for traditional marketing and LYDS has connected us with local people and businesses directly, meaning we have been able to help a number of LYDS businesses and start-ups with finance behind the scenes. The review section is a good idea, but doesn't really work for us, as people don't really like to talk about their finances publicly, but that's not unexpected. LYDS is an incredible phenomenon, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that there has always been a great voluntary and social enterprise sector doing the best they can (with very little money) in Enfield. (2014)

Michelle Caulfield – Michelle’s Running Group
I joined Love Your Doorstep 4 months ago to promote my small business Michelle's Running Group. Having coached athletes for many years, I felt that there was a niche for the less confident runner to meet and jog together. I soon found that through advertising locally on Great Notley/Braintree's LYD, people from the community were coming along and enjoying running together. I have found that there is a real sense of coming together and it has definitely made me want to support other smaller businesses. It's always good to read other peoples views on events and services, giving you the confidence before you buy/try. I feel proud to belong to a great community! (2015)

Keith Hepburn – Target Tuition
I run a small business in Winchmore Hill. I’ve been trading for over 10 years, I learnt about LYDS from an article in the local paper, at first I just watched from the side lines, posting comments if the thread was of interest to me. Once the group reached 3000+ members I soon realised there was an advertising opportunity I could be missing out on. I would say I have a good online presence, with google and Facebook but LYDS brings that together. It has certainly complimented my business, and I hope to use it to grow things further this year. The recession has changed a lot of people’s ideas about when and where they purchase goods, with LYDS it gives people the power to access the local community in a way that google probably cannot provide. In fact I’d suggest for the members it’s probably becoming the first place they look before using a search engine to find the information.(2014)

 Saffee Dineen – Training Temple
Emma Rigby has created a wonderful directory and social media platform through Love Your DoorStep. I have utilised Love Your DoorStep to create awareness for Training Temple - Enfield's hot yoga studio. Not only has our studio reaped the benefits of additional clients entering our doors courtesy of Emma and her team, we have also gained exposure to and become part of a brilliant community that provides Enfield with a locally enhanced economy and appreciation for local skill, craft and services. The team at Training Temple and i are most certainly looking forward to continuing to use and enjoy Love Your DoorStep and move with it as it continues to blossom! (2015)

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