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Fragrance Flowers
Radiate Positivity Mini Plug In Warmer
Angel Wings Warmer
Ultrasonic Nebulizing Diffusers
Wire You Blushing Mini Warmer
Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Warmer

Location London

Caroline’s Scents - Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy is an international leader in luxury fragrance and home decor delivering stylish handcrafted warmers and over 80 amazing wax fragrances along with additional product lines including Diffusers & oils, Laundry care, body products, on the go fragrances, pet care and children's Buddys. Our warmers provide a safe alternative to candles NO Flame - NO Smoke - NO Soot - NO Toxins - NO Lead Our highly fragrant wax bars are warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle....40% more!! Scentsy’s beautiful warmers house a low-watt light bulb or heating element that slowly melts Scentsy wax, filling your home with long-lasting fragrances. Our wax warms to just above body temperature making them safe to use around children and pets. Did you know, you can also book a Scentsy Party with me and earn FREE and HALF PRICE products!!! Online, in your home, coffee morning with friends etc...I will happily adapt to meet your requirements.


4.5Star review from 2 reviews

Product review 4Star review I was lucky enough to be able to try the etched core rose gold warmer and a selection of wax melts. On the warmer, I did feel that it got hotter than I liked on the outside. I actually think it because its metal, but it wasnt hot enough to scald. The blackcurrant wax was amazing... I like the stronger scent and I reused the wax for two evenings. I also tried sugar cookie, much more subtle but still lovely and clothesline again lovely. I have a dog and a child, but had no concerns about them being hurt or injured, which is why we dont have candles. Love love love the blackcurrant... will definitely go for that one.

Comment graphicKate Gibson  17 Oct 2019

Scentsy Warmers 5Star review Loving the Illuminate Scentsy warmer. So far I have tried Oodles of Orange and Pineapple, Coconut and Vanilla which are both really lovely scents which last for ages. Really like the soft light glow too. Thanks for the recommendation, Caroline! @carolinesscents

Comment graphicPat Kyriakides  15 Sep 2019