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Youth Enfield is Enfield Council's dedicated website to young people living in Enfield.
It is where young people can find information, advice and guidance on a whole range of activities, programmes and services available in the borough - all in one place. 

Enfield Youth Parliament Elections
Exciting News - We have a newly elected Enfield Youth Parliament!

16 young people have been elected to represent the youth of Enfield for 2013-2015.

Young Voices for Enfield Youth Forum

As a collective voice YOU can... 
• influence developments and get your voice heard
• help organise events and activities
• develop life-long skills and your CV
• become a champion for your local community
• make your local area more youth friendly
• meet like-minded young people and express creative ideas.

All members of the Youth Forum will take part in a Leadership Skills Programme aiming to:
• develop their personal, social and leadership skills
• provide them with the opportunity to lead in their schools and with the community
• connect them to influential leaders and possible mentoring opportunities.

The forum has been up and running since October 2013. So far, the group has collectively agreed on the name of the forum, ‘Young Voices for Enfield’ and have looked at the forum’s aims, objectives and its structure.
Right now, the forum is working with a local media production company to deliver a media youth project across some of Enfield Homes' estates. The programme gives young people the opportunity to learn skills around media, involving film and camera; incorporating music and other learnt skills to develop a chosen story.

Take action and help make your community a better place...and gain loads of personal rewards for yourself!

YAVE supports young people to volunteer in their local community to really make a difference.

YAVE was established in 1993 and is a part of Enfield Youth Support Service. YAVE works with all the secondary schools in the borough. YAVE works in partnership with 'Vinspired' the government sponsored volunteering programme for England . YAVE and Vinspired will provide you with a certificate for 15, 30, 50 hours.

If you are aged 16-19yrs then we may be able to match you to a volunteering opportunity in the community.
Why Volunteer?

Volunteering means that you are giving your time to help others and this alone is a great reason to do it, but what's in it for you? Young people report many different ways in which they gain from volunteering. Just some of these are listed here:
• Develop self confidence
• Develop communication skills
• Sense of achievement
• Sense of self worth
• Learn more about others
• Learn more about yourself
• Meet People
• Have Fun
• Looks great on your CV or UCAS form
• Do something positive with your time 

Committee details
What is it?
The Enfield Youth Parliament (EYP) is a nominated group of Passionate young people from Enfield, aged 11 to 19 years, who will be coming together to represent the views of young people and to lead on establishing a fully sustainable elected Enfield Youth Parliament for 2011 and beyond.

Why is it important?
The EYP will represent the views of young people. EYP members will work with Councillors, Managers and Directors in Enfield to ensure the views of the wider youth population are reflected in Council Services and Strategies.

How will it work?
The EYP will meet for full meetings six times a year. 
There will be sub-groups and workshops between meetings dependant on workload.
The Parliament will decide on specific roles and portfolios held by members and will decide which meetings they should be represented (e.g. the Children’s Services Scrutiny Panel, Children’s Trust Board and the Enfield Strategic Partnership Board).

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